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Monthly Investment Scheme

On Maturity - Get extra 76% of monthly investment as special discount. Buy gold jewellery in easy installments!

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Rs. 2000/-

Terms & Conditions

  1. The depositor will need to pay monthly installments for 11 months and the scheme will end in 364 days.
  2. For installment amounts of Rs.1000/- and multiples per month, the Customer will need to pay the same for 11 months and will be eligible for a discount of Rs.760/- in the 12th month on the purchase of jewellery. Equivalent discounts will be offered for installments of varied types. The purchase should be made between 350 to 364 days.
  3. No interest or any other benefit will be given by the Company against this scheme.
  4. This scheme is strictly against purchase of jewellery and the amount deposited will not be refunded under any circumstance.
  5. The Customer will need to purchase the jewellery within 364 days from the day of initial deposit.
  6. Sale will be effected on the 364th day irrespective of your presence in Our showroom.
  7. Gold & Silver Coins cannot be purchased against the redemption of this scheme.
  8. Photo ID & Address-proof is mandatory for all deposits.
  9. Additionally, Pan Card is mandatory for deposits exceeding Rs. 2 Lakh.
  10. In case of default on monthly installments, Customer will not be eligible for discount.
  11. Company will not accept multiple installments in a single month.
  12. Scheme is for minimum installment of Rs.1000/- per month.
  13. Installments can be in multiples of Rs.1000/-.
  14. Premature closing will lead to withdrawal of discount. The principle amount will be refunded after a 15-day notice of closure from the depositor.
  15. Gold rate prevailing on the day of deposit will be applicable and corresponding gold weight will be booked for the deposited amount.
  16. The scheme can be redeemed at the originating branch only.
  17. Bill generated at the end of the scheme will attract GST/Making Charges and/or any other charges applicable for the jewellery.
  18. Scheme can be terminated without prior notice and at the sole discretion of the company without compromising the security and benefit of the depositor.
  19. Disputes, if any, Will be subject to Kolkata/Agartala Jurisdiction.
  20. Only Individuals will be allowed to take part in this scheme and in (INR) only.
  21. Original Photo ID & Address-proof will have to be produced at the time of redemption.
  22. Depositor will have to nominate an authorised representative.
  23. In case of inability of depositor to be present at the time of redemption, the authorised representative will be allowed to redeem the scheme with proper identity proof. Management, if not satisfied with the identity of the person and the documentary proof, reserves the right to decline the redemption of the scheme.
  24. Enrollment or redemption will not be accepted during sales promotional offers.
  25. Monthly installments will have to be paid latest within 5 days of the due date of monthly installments.

    Example :
    Enrollment Date : 1st June 2024
    Installment Date : 1st July 2024
    Latest installment Acceptance date : 6th July 2024 (Grace Days = 5)
  26. Any delay in installment will be treated as default and will not be eligible for discount.
  27. We accept only Cash / Cheque / ECS for monthly installment.
  28. Payment by Cheques will be Credited on realisation.

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