Hrishikesh Saha Memorial Medha Utsav Scholarship

to Moon Sutradhar

Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers presented this year's Hrishikesh Saha Memorial Medha Utsav Scholarship to Moon Sutradhar - a student of exceptional merit and consistent performance - 'for excelling in academics and continuing to show much promise'

And the scholarship is for covering expenses of this small town girl from Tripura to pursue further studies at an elite college in New Delhi where she won admission on the strength of merit.

This special event was organised today - 16th December 2022 - to commemorate Hrishikesh Saha's 82nd  birth anniversary.

Hrishikesh Saha, in his lifetime, was involved in the family business of undertaking major public construction contracts in Tripura and added to the reputation of the house.

And personally, being full of life, he built roads and bridges across the minds and hearts of people.

This he did by promoting the cause of good health and well-being, excellence in academics and sports, travel and other learning experiences, social welfare and other crying needs of society.

As President of Tripura Basketball Association and active member of Cricket Association Of Bengal, he happily contributed to the promotion of the games and development of players.

As founder member of Rotary Club Of Agartala he lived his role in standing up for a cause.

And as a avid traveller he always attracted groups of fellow travellers to join his bi-annual trips across India which he saw as an endless learning experience.

This leading light of society who was popularly known as 'Hrishi-da' is, therefore, fondly remembered by all the lives that he had touched.

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